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Widget error: 'We were unable to build your widget'
Widget error: 'We were unable to build your widget'

This error can occur when someone makes a change to the connection powering a widget, such as the password.

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You may find that your widgets get stuck showing the error message We were unable to build your widget. This error typically occurs when someone makes a change to the connection powering a widget in some way, such as the password.

Salesforce widgets with the error we are unable to build your widget

To help resolve the issue and get your widgets working again, you'll need to disconnect, then reconnect, your connection.

For Salesforce widgets, this does not apply, as deleting your connection will cause a permanent connection issue. See our dedicated Salesforce article about this error.

  1. Click on your initials in the top right hand corner.

  2. From the drop-down, select Admin.

  3. Click the Connections tab.

  4. Click the more options icon and select Delete connection.

    Warning: By default, deleting your connection to a data source will delete all the associated widgets. You must check the option Delete connection only (widgets will stop working) when deleting the data source.

    Delete connection only to keep your widgets by checking the box.
  5. Click Delete connection again when prompted.

  6. Return to your dashboard and Edit a failing widget.

  7. If an edit menu appears on your dashboard, click Account, then click Add connection to connect a new account.

    change connection

    If an edit screen appears, click the Add button beside the Account field.

    add a new connection while editing a widget
  8. Follow the on-screen steps to reconnect your account.

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