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Plan features exceeded explained
Plan features exceeded explained

You're currently using Pro features that aren't included in your plan

Updated over a week ago
Plan features exceeded alert on the Geckoboard masthead

If you see a 'Plan features exceeded' alert appear on the masthead you have exceeded your plan's allowance of one or more of the following Pro features:

  • Number of dashboards

  • Connections to Pro data sources

  • Scheduled posts

If you're unsure which Pro feature allowance(s) you've exceeded, get in touch.

What happens now?

We’ll contact you a week or so after you’ve exceeded your pro feature allowance to see how you're getting on and explain the best options to keep them. This will typically mean either adding them as an add-on to your existing plan or upgrading to the next plan.

If you're already convinced about keeping the extra dashboards or prefer not to be contacted, you can always upgrade your subscription or reach out to us for help.

What if I'm frequently exceeding my pro feature allowance?

We recommend upgrading your subscription to a plan that gives you plenty of room to grow.

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