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Customize your Geckoboard dashboard with advanced theming
Customize your Geckoboard dashboard with advanced theming

Deeply customize the look and feel of your dashboards to match your company or team colors.

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Advanced theming is an add-on for all our Essential and Pro subscription plans and comes bundled with our Scale level plan. Once enabled, you can deeply customize the look and feel of your dashboards to match your brand or team colors.

To request advanced theming for your dashboard(s), contact us today.

Applying a customized theme for your dashboard

Click Customize from your dashboard masthead. From here you can also upload a dashboard logo. Scroll down to Advanced themes.

To customize your dashboard colors you'll need the six-digit hex codes for the following dashboard elements. When entering the hex code, exclude the # symbol – you only need the alphanumeric characters.

Below is a table displaying what each element is and does, as well as the default theme's colors.



Default theme hex code #

Brand color

Used for sparklines, bar and line chart series, etc.


Dashboard background

Used for the frame and footer color.


Widget background

Usually has the same hue as the dashboard color, but with more, or less, brightness.



We recommend picking a dark color for light theme and a light color for dark theme.



Used for positive states and alerts.



Used for negative states and alerts.



Used for caution states.


After filling in all the fields with your desired hex values, click Save, and your dashboard will now display your new color scheme.

Examples of themed dashboards

You can use the following examples as a guide to build your own (i.e. by adapting it to your brand), or as a template.

Light themes

Example 1

light theme example 1

Brand: 01CCCC
Dashboard background: F3F3F0
Widget background: FFFFFF
Text: 000228
Positive: 0FD354
Negative: FC5C6A
Caution: FEB554

Example 2

light theme example 2

Brand: F1BDBC
Dashboard background: E3DDF3
Widget background: FFFFFF
Text: 161616
Positive: 85D6CA
Negative: FF8686
Caution: FEB554

Dark themes

Example 1

dark theme example 1

Brand: F2A93C
Dashboard background: 183F80
Widget background: 0A1D3F
Positive: 8ACD41
Negative: D02E2A
Caution: E0843D

Example 2

dark theme example 2

Brand: 01CCCC
Dashboard background: 000228
Widget background: 00294A
Text: EFEFF3
Positive: 0FD354
Negative: FC5C6A
Caution: FEB554

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