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Add widget titles and labels

Learn how to add titles and labels to widgets, including how to combine them when grouping widgets.

Updated over a week ago

To add titles to your dashboard widgets (excluding number widgets), hover your cursor over the top left hand corner and click where it says Add a title.

Adding a title to a line chart

To add labels to your number widgets, hover your cursor underneath the main number and click where it says Add a label.

Adding labels to number widgets

Combining titles and labels together in groups of widgets can help declutter your dashboard and make it easier to read.

Grouping two number widgets and adding titles and labels

Abbreviations can be helpful too, as long as your audience understand them e.g. “7d” instead of “7 days”. Symbols like ‘%’ can replace the word, as can Emoji. You could also try a shorter definition for a metric if people are already familiar with it.

Titles can also be used to reduce repetition. Imagine you have the same metric for different time frames e.g. signups today, signups this month etc. If they’re all grouped under a “Signups” title you don’t need to repeat it each time.

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