Add status indicators to number widgets

Help your viewers know if a number’s good or bad with status indicators.

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Status indicators allow you to call attention to a widget on your dashboard when it's performing above and below expectations. You can also add status indicators to gauge widgets.

status indicators for number widgets

Adding a Warning when the value displayed on your number widget is above or below a certain number will cause your widget to turn red when this occurs. Setting a value for Success when the value is above or below a certain number will instead cause your widget text to turn green when this is met.

To alter the sequence of Warning/Success when configuring a status indicator, click on the indicator at the top (usually a Warning) to reveal a menu.

Note: If your widget uses a secondary comparison metric, it will be hidden from view when the red warning or green success status indicator is displayed.

  1. Click the more options icon in the top right corner of a widget to bring up the widget options.

  2. Click Add status indicators.

  3. In the Add status indicators window, add figures that will trigger a Warning state, Success state, or both depending on whether the number displayed on your widget climbs above or falls below.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Adding a status indicator will overwrite the goals you have set for this widget.

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