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Exceeding HubSpot's API request limit

Ways to prevent hitting Hubspot's maximum number of API calls in a 24-hour period.

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HubSpot also offers a relatively low burst rate limit, which is how many concurrent requests can be made to fetch data from their API. Depending on your HubSpot plan, it can range from 100 to 200 at max.

With these limits, when there's a lot of data to be fetched, it can be easy to exceed them. One example is when initially opening a dashboard where all your HubSpot widgets are making simultaneous requests to bring the data.

Ways to prevent exceeding your API request limit

To help prevent errors caused by hitting the API limit, consider:

  • Shortening the time frame used on the affected widgets. For example, if you have the time period set as Last 30 days, try setting it to Last 7 days.

  • Reducing the number of filters on the affected widgets. Fetching data for filters consumes a lot of API requests as we need to collect all of the information and then filter it.

  • Splitting your HubSpot widgets across dashboards. A large number of widgets powered by the same data source on the same dashboard will generally refresh at the same time, particularly when the dashboard is being loaded initially. This can cause you to exceed your rate limit. Consider splitting your HubSpot widgets across multiple dashboards, with ideally 8-12 widgets per dashboard. Widgets on the different dashboards would refresh at different times and avoid making concurrent requests. You could then create a dashboard loop to display these multiple dashboards together.

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