Exceeding Zendesk's API request limit

Learn why you might be hitting Zendesk's API rate limit and how to help prevent it.

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Depending on your Zendesk plan, Zendesk restricts the number of API requests allowed per minute. Zendesk will also, from time to time, adjust their rate limits to ensure service levels and quality.

If your Zendesk account contains a lot of information, it may not be possible for Geckoboard to collect enough data for longer time periods without breaching Zendesk API's rate limits.

We use Zendesk's incremental export API for most of our metrics to help prevent running into rate limiting issues. However, our CSAT metric still runs on their search API, so consider following some of the best practices below.

Best practices to prevent hitting your API request limit

To help prevent errors caused by hitting the API limit, consider:

  • Shortening the time frame used on the affected widgets. For example, if you have the time period set as Last 30 days, try setting it to Last 7 days.

  • Reducing the number of custom filters on the affected widgets. Fetching data for custom filters consumes a lot of API requests as we need to collect all of the information and then filter it.

  • Adding the High Volume API Add-On to your Zendesk account. Available for Professional and Enterprise plans, choose this option if you need to preserve the existing settings on those affected widgets.

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