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Dashboard loops

Dashboard loops allow you to view or share a single link that cycles through a series of dashboards on your account (particularly useful for giving visibility to several dashboards on a single large screen).

A loop can contain as many of your dashboards as you like, and dashboards can belong to multiple loops. To create a dashboard loop:

  1. Click ‘Account
  2. Click ‘Dashboard loops’
  3. Click ‘+Dashboard loops’
  4. Give your dashboard loops and name and click ‘Create Dashboard Loop'. You will then see a list of your current dashboard loops.
  5. Click on the edit icon on a loop
  6. Set the loop interval. This defines how long each dashboard should be displayed before cycling to the next dashboard in the loop
  7. Copy your dashboard loop’s URL
  8. Check/uncheck dashboards to include in the loop

You can have as many different dashboard loop URLs as you need, and these can be modified at any time by accessing the ‘Dashboard loops’ section of your account settings.


Important note: By default, a dashboard loop will display all dashboards in it to anybody who clicks the link unless you set up IP restrictions or revoke the dashboard loop. If any dashboard in your loop is restricted, make sure that the IP of the location where you intend to access it from is white-listed.

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