Troubleshoot the Pingdom Integration

I can’t connect to Pingdom

Pingdom's free plan does not allow API access. If you've tried to connect to Pingdom and receive the error message The account details entered could not be authorized, you'll need to upgrade to a Pingdom paid plan.

I'm seeing a 'Failed to render chart' error

If you're seeing a Failed to render chart error on a Trends widget, it's possible that you are using an unsupported visualization.

To check whether this is the case, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the widget and click on the more options menu in the top right corner.
  2. Click the Edit option
  3. On the the widget's configuration page, look for a banner at the top that reads This widget is no longer supported.
  4. If you can see the banner and you're using a Trends widget that is no longer supported, you will need to create a new one.
  5. Click Add widget, located in the top right of your dashboard.
  6. Search for Pingdom using the Search sources field.

    Alternatively, you can also scroll down the alphabetical list of integrations until you reach the Pingdom integration.
  7. Select the Trends widget.
  8. When you've configured your widget, click Add widget.


    If you were previously combining Uptime and Response Time, you’ll need to create two separate visualizations (one for Uptime and one for Response Time). This is because Uptime is measured in percent whilst Response Time is measured in seconds and we've found it's difficult to understand a chart with different scales, especially, on TV dashboards.

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