Troubleshoot the App Annie integration

My App Annie widgets show 'There was an error with the request to App Annie' 

This might occur if you have more than one App Annie data sources connected for the same App Annie account.

If you only have one App Annie account but more than one App Annie data source connected to your Geckoboard account, you'll need to delete any duplicated data sources.

To delete these date sources, follow these steps: 


By default, deleting a connection to a data source will delete the associated widgets as well, so make sure you uncheck the option to only delete the connection to avoid this.

  1. In the top right corner, click your initials and from the drop-down, and select Admin.
  2. On the next page, click the Data sources tab.View_data_sources.png
  3. Look for duplicated App Annie connections.
  4. Click the more options icon on any duplicated connection and select Delete connection.
  5. Click Delete connection again when prompted.
  6. Once the duplicated connections have been deleted, simply configure any widgets that are now missing a data source connection so that they all use the same one.
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