Trying Geckoboard Pro for 14 days

How our Pro trial works

  • You'll have unrestricted access to all of Geckoboard's features. See details.
  • If Geckoboard Pro is a good fit, you can upgrade at the end of your trial. Learn how.

Features included with your Pro trial

Access to all data sources

The Pro trial unlocks all 60+ data sources. Connect quickly and securely to your everyday business tools, including Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Zendesk, and Salesforce. Get access to all of Geckoboard's 60+ data sources during your Pro trial

All the dashboards you need

Geckoboard really comes into its own when you display your dashboards on multiple TV displays or screens using the Geckoboard Send to TV feature. With a Pro plan you can either display one dashboard per screen, or use Dashboard Loops to view multiple dashboards on a single screen.

Also, when your team is distributed or working from home, you can easily share multiple Geckoboard dashboards and view them on the go.

Unlimited users

Your account will support an unlimited number of users that allows them to either create and edit dashboards, or only view specific dashboards they've been given access to.

Pro support

Our friendly Customer Success team will be on hand to answer any questions you have both in-app and via email.

What to expect after your Pro trial

When your trial ends, you'll be able to choose a Pro plan that suits your requirements.

After you become a Geckoboard Pro customer, you can switch between Pro plans at any time to get access to more features, or to move onto a Pro plan with fewer features. You'll only be charged for the time you used on each specific Pro plan.

If your Pro trial ends but you decide not to upgrade, you can always choose the free account. You'll need to remove any excess of dashboards, users and screens you've added.

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