Share your dashboard

The "Share" feature allows you to generate a link to an individual dashboard and invite people to access the dashboard in "view-only" mode.


Generating a link

Generating a link to a dashboard is useful for giving people access to it without them having to log in, embedding the dashboard on a webpage using an iframe, our even help the support team here at Geckoboard diagnosing an issue. 

To generate a link to more than one dashboard see creating a dashboard loop.

Note: By default, a share link will display your dashboard to anybody who clicks the link unless you set up IP restrictions, regenerate or delete the share link.

To generate a link:

  1. When logged in, switch to the dashboard you wish to share
  2. Click the Share menu in the top right of the admin interface 
  3. Click the "Create share link" button
  4. Use the Copy menu to copy it to your clipboard for sharing


Tip: if you have multiple dashboards you can quickly see which dashboards are currently being shared by opening your account settings and clicking "Dashboards".


Revoking access to a link

If you need to make a dashboard private again, use the menu on the right to chose "Delete". Anybody using your previous link to access the dashboard will now see a 'Not found' message.

If you want to continue to share the dashboard but need to revoke access to links you've generated previously, click "Regenerate" to create a new link. Your previous link to that dashboard will become inaccessible.



Important considerations

Share links are hash URLs which makes them unique and impossible to guess. Additionally, we block search engines from accessing share links on Geckoboard. However, if the link is shared on a public-facing site there is a chance it will be indexed. If you have sensitive data, ensure that whoever is using your link understands this.


Inviting "view-only" users

Inviting people to access in "view-only" mode enables you to password-protect access to your dashboards. You control which dashboards "view-only" users can see and Geckoboard control the access to it through log-in.

Read more about inviting people to you account.




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