How Salesforce reports connect with Geckoboard

Our Salesforce data source visualizes data from reports built in Salesforce (Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, or Performance editions). You can create a custom Summary or Matrix report by either building a new report from scratch, or by customizing an existing standard report.

The grouped fields from your report form the base of your visualizations, while the summary fields act as the metrics. Depending on the visualization, these will be interpreted in different ways.

Line, Column and Bar Charts:

Grouped fields will be available as the X-Axis options, with summary fields as the Y-Axis options.


Grouped fields will be available as the 'Labels' options and Summary fields as the corresponding 'Values'.

Number and Gauges:

With only numerical data, they display values from just the summary fields. The value displayed will be the summarized metric (i.e. Sum, Avg, Min, Max) calculated based on all the records available within the report. For example, the metric displayed can be Sum of Total Sales Amount, Average Probability, Maximum Price, etc.

On all visualizations, the Record Count (number of items) summary metric will always be available for each grouped field within your report.

Example Salesforce report

If you had a Salesforce report (either Summary or Matrix) with the following grouped and summary fields:

  • Group fields
    • Opportunity Owner
    • Stage
  • Summary fields
    • Amount (sum)
    • Probability (avg)
    • Number of Employees (avg)

The report preview would look something like this:plot_options_report_config

You’ll then have the following options to build your dashboard widgets:

Line, Column, and Bar Charts

X-Axis options: Opportunity Owner, Stage
Y-Axis options: Sum of Amount, Average Probability, Average Number of Employees, Record Countplot_options_line_column_bar_charts


Labels: Opportunity Owner, Stage
Values: Sum of Amount, Average Probability, Average Number of Employees, Record Countplot_options_leaderboard

Number and Gauge

Metric: Sum of Amount, Average Probability, Average Number of Employees, Record Countplot_options_number_geckometer

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