Optimize old dashboard layouts for TV screens

If you're using our old dashboard layouts you can optimize your layout for TVs or big screens when adding a new dashboard. You'll still be able to convert to a column layout, if needed. Optimize layout for TV screens

We do encourage you to try our new-look dashboards and layouts optimized for big screens. Just click the Try new layout button at the top of your dashboards to convert to the new layout.

Convert to column layout

If you no longer need to display your dashboard solely on a TV, you can choose to convert it to a column dashboard layout. This will allow you to fit more widgets on your dashboard than the fixed grid allows.

  1. Click Settings from the navigation menu.
  2. From the drop-down menu, click Dashboard settings.
  3. In the Dashboard settings modal, click the Convert button.Convert to column layout
  4. Click Save.
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