Set alerts for when important changes occur

In this article we'll show you how to use our Spreadsheets data source to add status indicators to Number and Gauge visualizations to spot important changes at a glance.examples of visualizations showing status indicators in Geckoboard

Video tutorial

Add status indicators to number and gauge visualizations

  1. After connecting your spreadsheet to Geckoboard, click a cell containing a single numeric drag to cell you want to visualize
  2. When you're happy with your selection, click > Confirm selection.
  3. You'll now see highlighted visualization options. Click the + button that replaces either the Number or Gauge icon to select.
  4. Next you'll next see the widget configuration screen and a preview showing your selected number. Click Add status indicators to open the status indicators panel and your spreadsheet.
  5. Add figures that will trigger a Warning state, Success state, or both depending on whether the number displayed on your widget climbs above or falls below.

    Click Save to confirm.Add a status indicator to a number visualization
  6. Continue configuring your spreadsheet and when you're done, click Save.examples of visualizations showing status indicators in Geckoboard
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