Email scheduled dashboard screenshots

Send a scheduled snapshot of your dashboard to your chosen email address and users.

  1. From your dashboard's navigation menu, click Share.
  2. In the Share panel, click the Email tab.
  3. If you haven't already, create a sharing link for the dashboard. Our sharing links are hash URLs which makes them unique and impossible to guess.
  4. Enter email addresses that you want to send the dashboard snapshot to. When you add an email address for the first time, they’ll receive an invite email letting them know that you want to send them snapshots.
  5. Next, select if you'd like your snapshot to posted every Week or Month. Selecting Week means you can control the days of the week you'd like to schedule your snapshot, followed by the time you'd like it the individual days of the week you'd like your dashboard to be sent to Slack Selecting Month gives you the option of posting on the First day of the month or First which first day of the month you'd like your dashboard to be sent to Slack
  6. To finish, click Create.
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