My Salesforce widgets are displaying "We were unable to build your widget"

Occasionally your Salesforce widgets may get stuck showing the following error message:

We were unable to build your widget.Salesforce widgets with the error we are unable to build your widget

This can be caused by a bug in Salesforce’s API, which prevents us from fetching your data.


While we’re unable to fix this issue, there are ways to get your widgets working again:

If for any reason the issue persist, try any these alternative workarounds:

Connect to the report using a different Salesforce User Account

Use a different Salesforce User Account to connect to the report in Geckoboard. This method always works.

Clone your report in Salesforce

  1. Go into the report that you want to clone in Salesforce.
  2. Click Customize.
  3. Change the parameters that will make the report unique.
  4. Click Save As "new report filename".

If the above workaround didn't help, try any of these:

Change the format of your report in Salesforce

  1. Open your report in Salesforce.
  2. Change the Report Format to something different. Formats include Tabular, Summary, Matrix, and Joined.
  3. Save your report.
  4. Change the Report Format back to its original format.
  5. Save the report.
  6. Return to Geckoboard and edit a widget affected by the error and wait for it to load.

Get help

If you continue to experience this error, get in touch. We should be able to give you the exact name of the report affected.

Why is this happening?

Our application retrieves data on behalf of our customers from reports they’ve created in Salesforce, using the REST Analytics API documented here:

Due to the long time it takes to run some of our customers’ reports we use the asynchronous method of execution (described on page 40 onwards), whereby we first issue a request to begin the execution of a report, which returns to us an instance identifier, and then poll the API with the given identifier until the instance’s status is either “Success” (and results are available) or “Error”.

Historically we’ve seen occasions where report-instances seem to be “stuck” and their status is perpetually “New” or “Running” no matter how long ago we started the execution of a report (sometimes multiple days ago).

Attempting to re-run the report by issuing another request to begin asynchronous execution does not help, and in fact returns the same instance identifier.

This has been reported to Salesforce and we'll continue to work with them to help them fix the issue permanently at their end and prevent this from happening in the future.

How you can help

To help further communicate the urgency of this issue, please report it to your account manager at Salesforce as explained here.

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