Tips for getting the most out of Geckoboard

Learn how to make the most out of Geckoboard's key features to help make your metrics unmissable.

Example of a well-designed TV dashboard

Tips for getting the most out of Geckoboard

This dashboard uses:

  • Status indicators to highlight a metric's performance
  • Headings to group widgets
  • Goals to show progress towards targets
  • Number formatting to round numbers and make them easier to read
  • Image widget to add some fun and liveliness

Highlight a metric's performance

Use status indicators to add context to numbers and call attention to them when a metric is performing above and below expectations. Status Indicators

Status Indicators

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Group your widgets using headings

Use the Text widget to add simple, clear headings to groups of widgets, or your dashboard as a whole.

Headings have a larger font size than widget titles, and are useful for providing extra context to your metrics that can be seen from a distance. Text for headings

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Show your progress towards targets

You can add a goal to a Number widget that will show your progress towards a particular target over time, and trigger a brief celebration when the target is reached. Status Indicators

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Round your numbers for simplicity

Use round numbers to make your business’ metrics more memorable and accessible to your team, and to accentuate important changes in your data.

Status Indicators

In addition to rounding, you can use abbreviations to concisely display large numbers by breaking them into Thousands (K), Millions (M), or Billions (B). Status Indicators

To easily customize your numbers, open the Number formatting menu in your widget and calibrate the display settings as needed (as shown in the gif below): Status Indicators

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Make your dashboard more engaging with images

Add images using the Image widget to help encourage day-to-day engagement with your dashboard and to enrich your display.

Image widget Dashboard

You can liven things up with a funny GIF or get your team motivated with an inspiring still image. Puppy GIF and Carpe Diem JPG

The Image widget accepts JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF formats, and you can set the image’s reload time to 3 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 5 hours.

To add an image, select the Image widget from the list of available widgets, paste the image’s URL path within the widget’s configuration, and then click the “Add widget” button (see the gif below). How to add Image widget GIF

Use images in moderation to avoid distractions. One or two well-placed images can enhance your dashboard while keeping your performance indicators front and center.

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