Tips for getting the most out of Geckoboard

Learn how to make the most out of Geckoboard's key features to help make your metrics unmissable.

Example of a well designed TV dashboard

Tips for getting the most out of Geckoboard

This dashboard uses:

  • Status indicators to highlight a metric's performance
  • Headings to group widgets
  • Goals to show progress towards targets

Highlight a metric's performance

Use status indicators to add context to numbers and call attention to them when a metric is performing above and below expectations. Status Indicators

Status Indicators

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Group your widgets using headings

Use the Text widget to add simple, clear headings to groups of widgets, or your dashboard as a whole.

Headings have a larger font size than widget titles, and are useful for providing extra context to your metrics that can be seen from a distance. Text for headings

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Show your progress towards targets

You can add a goal to a Number widget that will show your progress towards a particular target over time, and trigger a brief celebration when the target is reached. Status Indicators

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