The Clock widget displays the current time and date in either 12 or 24 hour format, using the local computer's clock as a reference. If you're viewing this widget via a share link or dashboard loop, the widget uses the time of the computer displaying the dashboard.


Besides being helpful for knowing the local time, the Clock widget can be useful when you have a remote team spread out over many time zones, or if you often conduct business with another part of the world. With Clock widgets configured for different time zones you can quickly compare the impact of your metrics in different parts of the world.



If the computer's clock is incorrect, so will the time displayed on the Clock widget in the local and non-local time zones.

Adding to your Dashboard

To add a Clock widget to your dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Hover your cursor over an empty area of your dashboard and click the + button.

    Alternatively, click Add widget in the top right of your dashboard.

  2. You'll see a scrollable list of data sources. Click Clock.

  3. On the widget setup screen, choose a Title to be displayed at the top of the Clock. In the examples above, the Clock widgets were titled with their locations.

  4. Next select either 24 or 12 hour time format.

  5. Finally, define the Location of the clock and its Timezone.

  6. Click Add widget to see your new Clock widget on your dashboard.

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