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Use loops to cycle multiple dashboards on a single screen
Use loops to cycle multiple dashboards on a single screen

Create a loop of several dashboards that can be shared as a link or displayed on a TV.

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You may include as many dashboards as you'd like in a single loop, and dashboards can belong to multiple loops. Each additional dashboard in a loop counts towards the total number of dashboards your plan allows.

Adding a new loop

  1. Click Loops in the top right area of your screen.

    people link along the masthead
  2. Under Loop Name in the Add loop modal, add a name for your loop.

    add new loop
  3. Under Interval, select a time interval. The interval defines how long each dashboard in the loop will be displayed before cycling to the next dashboard.

  4. From the drop-down menu select a dashboard you want to include in the loop, then click Add.

  5. Once you're done adding dashboards to the loop, click Save. Your loops are now ready to be used.

Tip: You can change the ordering of dashboards in a loop by dragging and dropping your dashboards into the order you want.

how to change the ordering of dashboards in a loop

Displaying loops on TVs

To display a loop on a TV, use the Send to TV feature.

First connect at least one screen to your account, then use the Manage connected screens modal to choose a loop to display on the screen.

Note: Loops are listed underneath individual dashboards.

Manage Connected Screens

Previewing a loop

If you wish to preview a loop before you put it up on a TV or want to share the loop with someone quickly, you can get its sharing link from the Loops tab in your account's admin section.

  1. Use the more options menu on the same row as the loop you wish to share.

  2. Click on Copy sharing link, this will copy the link to your clipboard.

You can now paste the link on a browser or share it with someone else.

Copy Sharing Link

Can you manually cycle between dashboards in a loop?

Text widget with links to three dashboards.
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