Restrict access to your dashboards by IP address

We take the security of your data extremely seriously at Geckoboard. If you wish to restrict access to a dashboard, all our new plans (Starter, Growth and Company), as well as some previous plans, offer an IP restriction functionality which allows you to whitelist the networks or devices from which your shared dashboard can be accessed.

An IP restricted dashboard will show a 404 error if access to its Sharing Link is attempted outside of an allowed network. To add an IP restriction:

  • On the dashboard you want to restrict access to, click the 'Settings' menu (cog icon) and choose 'Dashboard Settings'
  • Specify the IP addresses you’d like to allow in the 'Allowed Device IP Addresses' field separated by a comma. All other IP addresses will then become blacklisted.
  • Hit 'Save' and you’re done.


  • As well as blocking access to the dashboard via its Sharing URL, IP restricted dashboards will also not appear in Dashboard Loops if the user is not viewing the loop from a whitelisted IP.
  • Dashboards will, however, still be visible to all users on your account who are admins or have read-only access to the dashboard whilst they are logged in, including via our iOS app
  • It is possible to enter IP ranges, i.e. under “Allowed device IP addresses” and even enter multiple ranges separated by commas, i.e.,
  • Dashboards displayed using Screens are considered logged in session and therefore not IP whitelisted.
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