Types of users

There are four types of users that can be added to your Geckoboard account. Each user type has different privileges but they all contribute towards the quota of users available on your Geckoboard Pro pricing plan.

and Organization admins will have access to all dashboards and all connected data sources. We recommend reserving these privileges for people who will share your responsibilities for building or customizing your dashboards.

Only users with individual logins for Geckoboard are considered users. By using Sharing links or Dashboard loops you can enable more people to see your dashboards without logging into Geckoboard, and they won't be considered users.

You can unlock unlimited users when you try Pro for free.

Account owner

Account owners have the highest level of account access and the most privileges. Account owners have access to all of the dashboards on the account, which they can also edit. In addition, they can access the organization settings and billing details. They can also add other Organization Admin and View-only users.

It's not possible to add a new user directly at the Account owner level; they must be upgraded from one of the other user types once they have been added to the account. This can only be done by another Account owner.

A Geckoboard account must have at least one Account owner associated with it at any one time and only an Account owner can delete the account.


If you need a particular user to have access to the billing details within the account, you should make sure that they are set as an Account owner.

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Organization admin

Organization admins have the next highest level of access after Account owners. They are able to view, edit or delete any dashboard within the account. They can also add other Organization admin and View-only users.

Adding admin users is recommended if you would like to share/transfer responsibilities for building or customizing your dashboards.

Admin users do not have access to the organization settings or billing details. They are not able to delete the account or delete Account owners.


Unless they definitely need access to the organization settings and billing details, anyone that needs to be able to edit dashboards should have Admin privileges, not Account owner privileges.

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Organization view-only

Organization view-only users are able to view any dashboard within the account but they are not able to edit or delete them. They cannot create dashboards of their own and they do not have access to the organization settings or billing details. They are also not able to invite or manage users within the account.

Dashboard view-only user

Dashboard view-only users are added on a dashboard-by-dashboard basis, and can only view the dashboards you add them to. They cannot edit or delete dashboards and, like the View-only users, they do not have access to the organization settings or billing details.

Dashboard View-only users may be invited to multiple dashboards and, if so, can switch between the dashboards that they have been associated with.

To add a Dashboard view-only user, you need to invite them from the dashboard's Share menu. Users added this way will always receive limited dashboard access but can be upgraded by an Account owner or Admin user.

Once someone has been added to a single dashboard and created an account, it is possible to add them to more dashboards via the admin area.


Adding Dashboard view-only users allows you to keep some dashboards private, restrict access to a dashboard to a small number of people, or keep close control over who has access to specific dashboards at any one time. This is particularly useful if you want someone external to your team to view certain dashboards.

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Overview of user types

The following table shows the permissions for services by user type and sharing feature:

  Account owner Organization Admin Organization View-only Dashboard View-only Sharing link recipient
Geckoboard login required
Update personal details
Update organization and billing details
API access
Invite new users
Delete users
Promote users to Account owners
Demote users from Account owners
Promote Dashboard View-only users to Organization members
View all dashboards within account
Add and edit dashboards
Delete dashboards
Manage access to dashboards
Share dashboards
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