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Can Geckoboard be white labeled?

Depending on your use case, basic white labelling is possible with custom-themed dashboards with specific sharing permissions.

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While we don't currently offer a dedicated white-label version of Geckoboard, depending on your use case, basic white labeling might be possible with custom-themed dashboards with specific sharing permissions.

Geckoboard could be a good white label option for:

  • Agencies who want to report to clients.
    You purchase a subscription for Geckoboard, manage the account yourself, and use invites or embedding to share dashboards with your clients in a way that works for you. For a more branded experience (custom themes), no limit on data sources, and a generous dashboard allowance, subscribe to a Scale plan.

  • Consultants/agencies who work with clients, and expect deeper use of dashboards.
    Your client signs up directly with Geckoboard, with their own subscription. You offer coaching, consulting, or other services alongside and (optional) first-line support โ€“ though our standard support channels are also open if the client wants to contact us directly.

Geckoboard might not be an ideal white label option if:

  • Deeper customization is required.

    For example, custom domains or removing Geckoboard's branding throughout the app.

  • Revenue sharing is essential.
    We do not offer a revenue-sharing program, affiliate deal, or commissions if you recommend Geckoboard.

Geckoboard features useful for white label setups

Features that can help create a white label setup include:

Branding individual client dashboards

Advanced theming allows you to individually customize each dashboard on your account, including the color scheme and replacing the Geckoboard logo with another image/logo of your own.

4 Geckoboard dashboards, with each showcasing different custom colors

Sharing dashboards with clients

Geckoboard provides a few different levels of permission access within your account.

Specifically, Admins and Owners on your account will have access to all of the dashboards on the account (to both see as well as edit them). User profiles can also be set up to only have access to view specific dashboards that are assigned to them.

Using sharing links to reach people outside your account

Another option is to use sharing links. With sharing links, you can enable more people to see your dashboards without logging into Geckoboard, and they won't be counted towards your member quota.

Sharing links are hash URLs, which make them unique and impossible to guess. We also block search engines from accessing share links on Geckoboard.

Embedding dashboards into other tools and websites

Geckoboard supports embedding your dashboards into other tools and websites using iFrames, which can be a means for "hiding" the URL, if necessary.

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