'An error occurred while talking to Google Analytics servers'

There are a few reasons why your Google Analytics widgets are showing a An error occurred while talking to Google Analytics servers error message.

  1. First, check if your Google Analytics account is set as an admin. Only admins can allow us permission to collect your data. If you're not sure, check if you have an admin account.
  2. If you're already an admin, check if Geckoboard is authorized to access the data in your Google Analytics account. Try logging out of your Google Analytics account using the same browser you're logged into Geckoboard. Then run through the steps of adding a new Google Analytics widget to re-authenticate your account.
  3. If re-authenticating doesn't fix it, check if the Google Analytics account you're using to connect to Geckoboard has the correct Properties and Views listed.

If your Google Analytics widgets are still displaying this, or any other error messages, please contact our support team.

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