Exceeding your Google Analytics API limit

If you have multiple Google Analytics widgets running, it may not be possible for Geckoboard to collect enough data for longer time periods without breaching your Google Analytics API rate limits and quotas.

Best practices to prevent hitting your API request limit

To help prevent errors caused by hitting the API limit, consider:

  • Shortening the time frame used on the affected widgets. Querying for large amounts of data, over long time periods such as past 30 days across multiple widgets, will use quite a large number of API calls. Try to reduce the time span to a shorter period, like past 7 days.
  • Reducing the number of filters and comparisons on the affected widgets. Fetching data for filters consumes a lot of API requests as we need to collect all of the information and then filter it.
  • Split your Google Analytics widgets across dashboards. If your plan allows, consider splitting your widgets across multiple dashboards – ideally 5–9 widgets per dashboard. Widgets on the different dashboards would refresh at different times and avoid making concurrent requests.

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