Emailing a snapshot of a Geckoboard dashboard

Geckoboard users can email snapshots of their dashboards using a combination of Geckoboard's integration with Integromat, downloading this blueprint, and the HCTI app to handle screenshots. The process requires no coding, but it does require a paid Integromat account to make use of the import blueprint feature.

  1. Log in to Integromat, click the button to Create a new scenario and skip the following screen asking which services you want to connect.New scenario on Integromat
  2. Click the 3-dot more options menu in the lower left, and choose Import blueprint. Geckoboard screenshot blueprint
  3. Select the blueprint file you downloaded above (if you didn't then, it's available here) and a scenario will load. Email Geckoboard dashboard
  4. At this point, head to the HCTI API and click the Get an API key button at the top to get a free account.
  5. Once the account is created, you'll land on a page showing your User ID and API key (you'll need these for the scenario in Integromat).HTML CSS to Image API Generate images from code
  6. Switch back to Integromat and on the scenario, click on the HCTI API module and provide the User ID and API key you obtained in step 6 for the Connection field.

    Once connected some new fields will appear, out of which only URL is required. We'll return on step 9 to provide the URL.Integration HTML CSS to image Integromat setup
  7. In a new tab, login to your Geckoboard account and copy the Share link of the dashboard you want emailed by clicking on the first Geckoboard step and creating a connection (entering your API key).
  8. Switch back to Integromat and on the scenario, click again on the HCTI API and provide your dashboard's share link in the URL field. Integration HTML CSS to Image Integromat URL
  9. Now click on the Email module. Use the Connection field to connect to your Gmail account or other SMTP service (Hotmail, Outlook etc), select "No" for Save message after sending, provide recipients address for the screenshot using the To field and provide a Subject for the email. Leave the rest unchanged. integration Gmail
  10. Run the scenario with the button in the lower left. At this point the recipient will receive a screenshot of the shared dashboard.
  11. Lastly, you'll be able to set the scenario on a schedule so that, for example, the snapshot is only sent once a day at a particular time, or on a particular day every week, etc.
  12. That's it your recipient(s) will receive the snapshot of your Geckoboard dashboard via email dashboard_email.jpg
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