Customize ChartMogul widgets

Learn how to adjust presentation options and filter your ChartMogul data to create easy-to-understand visualizations.

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This guide walks you through the various options available when customizing ChartMogul widgets.


Account allows you to pick the ChartMogul Account you'd like to return data for.


Add a title to your ChartMogul widget. Titles should be self explanatory and unambiguous. At the same time, you should try and keep them as short as possible, using universally understood abbreviations where possible.


The metric picker allows you to select any of the ChartMogul metrics Geckoboard supports.

Time period

The time picker allows you to select timeframe for your data. For example, you could track your Customer Churn Rate for this month.

Number widget showing churn in rate

Geckoboard handles comparison to previous time period differently from ChartMogul. This means you may notice discrepancies between the data displaying on your widgets and in ChartMogul.

Secondary visualization

Switch on and set a progress goal or compare to a previous time period for additional context.

Filter by

Filters allow you to show data for specific plans or countries.

Number formatting

As ChartMogul's API doesn't pass the currency symbol, you can add your own to your ChartMogul widgets using the number formatting menu and the Prefix/Suffix option.

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