I've hit my Salesforce Report limit

In addition to hitting your Salesforce Daily API Limit, there are also a number of other limitations when working with the Salesforce Reports API. You can find out more about the Requirements and Limitations, but we've highlighted the most relevant points in the list below:

  • Your organization can request up to 1,200 asynchronous requests per hour.
  • The API can process only reports that contain up to 100 fields selected as columns.
  • A list of up to 200 recently viewed reports can be returned.
  • Your org can request up to 500 synchronous report runs per hour.
  • The API supports up to 20 synchronous report run requests at a time.
  • A list of up to 2,000 instances of a report that was run asynchronously can be returned.
  • The API supports up to 200 requests at a time to get results of asynchronous report runs.
  • Asynchronous report run results are available within a 24-hour rolling period.
  • The API returns up to the first 2,000 report rows. You can narrow results using filters.
  • You can add up to 20 custom field filters when you run a report.

In addition to these, if your report is in Jointed format, it will not be able to be displayed. Summary, Tabular and Matrix reports are supported.

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