How we keep your data safe and secure

We're trusted by thousands of companies and institutions such as AirBnB, Ticketmaster, Unicef, and the European Commission with their data. Our top priority is to ensure that all transactions, connections, and access is kept secure at all times.

All servers and databases are firewalled to permit the minimum traffic necessary to run the service. Access to administration tooling used by Geckoboard staff requires authentication, and is only accessible from a restricted set of IP addresses.

How Geckoboard connects to third-party services

When you connect Geckoboard to a third-party service through one of our pre-built integrations, we store the credentials that allow us to fetch data from that service. We use these credentials to continuously update your visualizations with the latest information available. We always encrypt credentials for these services before storing them.

How Geckoboard complies with GDPR

At Geckoboard, we worked hard to prepare for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to ensure that we fulfil its obligations and maintain transparency about customer messaging and how we use data.

How you can manage user access to your account

As a Geckoboard account owner you can, depending on your plan, add additional users to your account. Account owners can also promote, demote, and delete users.

Security disclosure

Geckoboard greatly appreciates investigative work into security vulnerabilities carried out by well-intentioned security researchers. We are committed to thoroughly investigating and resolving security issues in our platform and services in collaboration with the security community.

IP Addresses to Whitelist

If your environment restricts communications by allowing only known IP addresses, you need to whitelist Geckoboard's IP addresses.