About Geckoboard's new look dashboards

We’ve released a major update to Geckoboard’s dashboard building experience, with new look dashboards and layouts optimized for big screens and getting your key metrics seen and understood.

Highlights of your new look dashboards

  • Powerful new grouping functionality to make the relationships between metrics on your dashboard immediately obvious. Learn more about grouping widgets
  • Redesigned visualizations that make it even easier for teams to see and understand key metrics from a distance.
  • New look and feel of the dashboards and overall Geckoboard brand.

How do I convert my current dashboard to this new layout?

Depending on the current layout of your dashboard, converting it to the new layout is a one- or two-step process.

Look for the Try new layout button on the top left of your dashboard. If you can see it, you're all set to convert it to the new layout.

If you can't, This means your dashboard is a column-based dashboard that's not yet optimized for displaying on a TV screen. If you wish to display your dashboard in the new layout, you'll first need to prepare it and get in touch with us before you can convert it.

Can I convert multiple dashboards to the new layout all at once?

No, the new layout needs to be applied to each dashboard individually. This is in case you have one or more column-based dashboards that need you to prepare it and get in touch with us before you can convert it.

How do I revert back to the old layout?

Click the revert to old layout link on the top left of your dashboard.

Can I keep my free extra dashboard if I downgrade my plan?

All existing customers on plans with a limited number of dashboard have received one extra dashboard on their account so that you can try out the new dashboard layouts.

You can keep the extra dashboard for as long as your subscription is active, unless you downgrade to a plan with fewer dashboards.

I've lost my free extra dashboard after upgrading, can I get it back?

Yes, upgrading can mean you temporarily lose your free extra dashboard. Get in touch with us and we'll reinstate it to your new plan.

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